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NBA 2K24 Environment Modeling & UI

| | NBA 2K24 Main Menu | Environment Modeling, Lighting, & Texturing | |

| | NBA 2K24 Main Menu | Environment Modeling, Lighting, & Texturing | |

| | NBA 2K24 Main Menu & MyPlayer Builder| |

I was truly honored and thrilled to contribute to the iconic NBA 2K24, where I had the distinct pleasure of crafting and realizing both the Main Menu and the MyPlayer Builder scenes.

Main Menu Creation:
Taking inspiration from the captivating concept images by our UI Lead, Mimi Lee, I embraced the challenge of modeling, animating, and lighting the Main Menu User Interface (UI). Our aim was twofold: to captivate with striking visual allure and to ensure intuitive navigation for the game's vast global fan base. With the theme of "Street Neon" in mind, we sought to encapsulate a rugged yet electrifying atmosphere, striking a balance between the raw grit of street basketball and the vibrant pulse of neon-lit nights.

MyPlayer Builder Scene Development:
The MyPlayer Builder scene was designed with the players' immersion at the forefront. As they step into the shoes of their virtual avatars, every aspect of the scene – from modeling and texturing to lighting – was fine-tuned to resonate with their customization journey, making each decision feel personal and integral to their game experience.

After finalizing the main menu, we switched into the polish phase. Where I had the opportunity to fine tune the UI throughout many parts of the game.

To wrap up, working on NBA 2K24 was an unforgettable fusion of creativity, teamwork, and dedication. I take immense pride in what we achieved as a team and am fervently looking forward to setting new benchmarks in my upcoming projects.

September 18, 2023